[ic] Tips and tricks -- override of UI menus

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Fri, 01 Dec 2000 10:07:38 -0800

Kaare Rasmussen wrote:

> Hi
> > In the root directory are 2 config files  catalog_before.cfg and
> > catalog_after.cgf  this is where the @_Header_@ variable is  pulling the
> > directives from
> Yeah, but how do I define a completely new menu, not connected to the Admin,
> but that will be in parallel to it.
> I want to add an entry so that the first page will look like this:
> -------------
> Welcome to Construct Something!
> Enter as customer
> Admin interface
> My very own menu
> -------------
> Do I have to clone all variables and stuff that looks like UI_* ?
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You can change any part of the Admin

Important files are ../root/path/lib/UI/vars/

Since the Admin is available for all catalogs. At Interchanges root directory go
to catalog_before.cfg change Welcome to Akopia Interchange to Welcome to
_COMPANY_  or Welcome to Construct Something.

In the vars directory is the  UI_STD_HEAD this is where the customers, orders,
content etc editors are located. As displayed in the admin its the first
row...mouse over javascript with access controls

If you click on the editor a 2nd or 3rd row is diplayed this is where the
catalog_before.cfg is displaying its info with access controls

Your content will go in the pages/admin html pages

If you want to enforce access controls you should read up on it. Its heavily
documented as ACL

Or you can just write a completely new admin

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