[ic] Localization of accessories

Yuri Valentini yv@libero.it.ERASETHIS
2 Dec 2000 00:12:47 +0100


Does anybody know how to localize the attributes of items in the product
I have a database with items in different color and I would like to use
color names in Italian or in English, based on the language selected.
In the documentation I have read about something and inserted these lines in

UseModifier color_it
Locale it_IT UseModifier color_it
Locale en_US UseModifier color_en

where color_it is the default and color_en is to be used when the user
chooses english.

I tryied to insert [item-accessories color_it] in the Italian basket page
and [item-accessories color_en] in the English one, but probably I am doing
something wrong, because the modifiers does not get preserved.

Thank You in advance for replaying.

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Yuri Valentini.