[ic] wrong linebreaks from page editor

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 1 Dec 2000 23:01:28 -0500

Quoting Andrew Waegel (andrew@benevolent-tech.com):
> Hello,
> Interchange newbie here. I've installed it sucessfully on a RH linux box, 
> and playing around with the page edit stuff in the content area of the 
> admin interface, I notice that when I change a page's template, it seems to 
> screw up the bit on the top of the page.html file like so:
> [comment]
> ui_template: Yes
> ui_template_name: sel_left
> [/comment]
> becomes:
> [comment]
> ui_template: Yes^Mui_template_name: sel_left
> [/comment]
> Obviously a problem with lineenders. I think the page page_edit.html is 
> responsible for this, but I've had no luck fixing it yet. Any advice? 

Get that lazy rascal Mike Heins to fix it by logging a bug
report at developer.akopia.com.... 8-)

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