[ic] OR search on subcategories

John Nealy jnealy@symetrek.com
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 23:49:25 -0500

I want to do an OR search of this sort:
An accessory item may have a subcategory of All if it is common to all
product lines, or a specific name (e.g. Motorola) if it is for only a
specific line.  I am trying to code the complex search so that when I
click a Motorola link on the page I do a search for items in the
accessories category whose subcategory is either All or Specific.  I
have played with combinations of the os=yes tag, but I'm not getting
things quite right.
I never used Minivend so I'm just now learning the tags.

Thanks to the Akopia team for a great product and the wonderful support.

John Nealy