[ic] *** Interchange 4.6 & PgSQL Difficulties ***

Marc Aubert maubert@swisscenter.ch
Sat, 2 Dec 2000 17:07:46 +0100

Hello Minivenders !

As said in a previous message, we use the following :

- Interchange 4.6 final (with standard demo)
- PgSQL 7.0.2 (with 50'000 products database)
- Redhat 7.0 (with latest PERL)

We do think Interchange is one of the most (if not the most) advanced 
GPL software for e-commerce. I've been following Mike's work for many 
years now, but it's only now that we are about to launch an important 
service with it in Switzerland. It seems that competition is getting 
really important in the GPL/e-commerce aera and we hope that 
Mike/Akopia will manage to keep the lead.

We've been playing with Minivend for a long time, but it's only now 
that we use its SQL capabilities. It seems that we are not too 
familiar with some of the "strange" tags yet, but our development is 
completely blocked as we cannot pass accurate SQL queries to PgSQL 
without having Interchange modifying them.

Questions :

1 - [query sql="select * from products where category = 'something' 
and title LIKE 'something%']
How to have results from such a SQL query displayed ?
It seems that the SQL query is nicely transmitted to PgSQL (according 
to logs), but nothing appears on the Interchange result page. Are we 
missing something with the tags (we are using the standard 
Interchange 4.6 demo for now) ?

2 - How to have a FORM sending its result to the page that contains 
the SQL query so that the 'something' value in the SQL query can be 
adapted with the FORM's result ?

3 - A practical example would be definitely appreciated.

Many thanks to all. This mailing-list is a pleasure to follow.

Greetings from the alps,