[ic] Localization of accessories

Yuri Valentini yv@libero.it.ERASETHIS
2 Dec 2000 17:27:33 +0100

On 2 Dec 00 02:17:39 GMT, Mike Heins wrote:

> I don't think that is the best way to do it, though. The best way is
> to use the capabilities of item-accessories to modify the field which
> is used, and keep the modifier the same "color".

> 	[item-accessories color, [L]color_field[/L]]

> Then:

> Locale en_US color_field color_en
> Locale it_IT color_field color_it

I used this one, but made only a slight correction:

[item-accessories color, select, [L]color_field[/L]]
                    added this one

Thank you.
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