[ic] Re: [mv] *** Interchange 4.6 & PgSQL Difficulties ***

Dan db@list.dnsalias.net
Sat, 2 Dec 2000 12:49:02 -0800

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Marc, I have built a configuration that is exactly matching yours:

> - Interchange 4.6 final (with standard demo)
> - PgSQL 7.0.2 (with 50'000 products database)
> - Redhat 7.0 (with latest PERL)

However, I have been unable to get even the default construct demo started.
(I attached the e-mail I sent regarding troubles I've had).  How did you get
it working?  Did you have to do any special mods to the construct template
or bin/makecat, or catalog.cfg?  Or did it work out of the box?

I'm still trying to mess with some of the update_date stuff that Mike H.
commented on.  But for me: rh7+pgsql7.0.2+IC-4.6.0-release wouldn't work out
of the box.  If it does for you then I need to find what I'm doing wrong.

> We do think Interchange is one of the most (if not the most) advanced
> GPL software for e-commerce.

Yes, and given the recent announcemnts regarding Akopia's being selected for
some investing analysts portfolio (contrats, btw) it looks like Interchange
is on it's way to the straosphere.

> I've been following Mike's work for many
> years now, but it's only now that we are about to launch an important
> service with it in Switzerland. It seems that competition is getting
> really important in the GPL/e-commerce aera and we hope that
> Mike/Akopia will manage to keep the lead.

Yeah, we need to make sure that Interchange gets any of the features from
Zelerate and friends.  (Currently, I don't think *anyone* is even close to
IC).  I've built a bookmark list of the 2 dozen or so GPL e-commerce apps
(they multiply like rabbits -- nothing more fun than reinventing the wheel,
right?).  What I've yet to see, though, is a good e-commerce app that was
built in an existing Web devel. framework.  You know, like Enhydra, Zope,
and friends.

If I ever ran out of stuff to do, maybe I would port IC to Enhyda or zope or
something.  (Right after pigs fly).  That would give developers access to
all the framework stuff of Enhydra/zope (a lot of which seems to be
attempted right now by doing UserTags -- email forms, etc.), with the
e-commerce features of IC.
Mike, if Enhydra/Zope were already mature when minivend started (another
alternate universe question), would you have gone with a app framework or
would you still have started your own framework, tag language, and parser?

-Dan Browning

PS.  Marc: Sorry for the To: header, if you are offended by my waste of your
bandwidth, just flame me and I'll get the picture.

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In recent versions of IC and PG, I have been having trouble getting even the
'construct' demo built.  During the start of the IC server, it goes through
all the create table ... process, and often litters the following error
several times:
ds15 config error: ERROR:  Bad timestamp external representation ''
And I get errors like: "We're sorry, the Interchange server is
We are out of service or may be experiencing high system demand, please try
again soon." when trying to access cgi-bin/ds15/index.html, but sometimes it
gives me "Undefined catalog: /cgi-bin/ds15".

What is really weird is that the databases seem to be created correctly.  I
can browse them in psql and SELECT * them just fine.

I tracked down a few conversations of people who experienced the same error
on the pgsql lists (of course not related to Interchanage).  Namely...
Basically I think it is because of some implicent TIMESTAMP --> DATE type
conversion that we are doing, maybe during data import?

If anyone has an idea about which code to peruse through, or how to do some
better testing, or whatever, I would love to do it.  (My life goal is to get
into the CREDITS file of every project).  I'll even take orders from Mike
"Lazy" Heins. (for the humor impared: I'm only quoting recent post, this is
not a flame)

-Dan Browning

Here is what I am attaching to help solve the problem:
1. Platform
2. Admin -> Administration excerpt
3. Related excerpts from interchange/error.log
4. Related excerpts from $CATALOG/error.log
5. Related excerpts from interchange.cfg
6. psql \dt
7. psql SELECT * FROM affiliate

1. Platform: RedHat 7.0 (actually, 7.0.1 from valinux, but it's basically
the same), Perl 5.005, IC 4.6.1(cvs 12-1-00).  PostgreSQL 7.0.[2|3]
And Yes, I'm positive that my DBD::Pg is setup fine (admin -> administration
says so).

2. Admin->Administration excerpt:
Perl Information
Perl Version      Perl 5.006 (called with: perl)
Optional Module Information      LWP::Simple not found. External UPS lookup
and other internet-related functions will not work.
MD5 found (v2.01).
MIME::Base64 found (v2.11).
SQL::Statement found (v0.1016).
Safe::Hole found (v0.06).
Storable found (v1.000).
Tie::Watch found (v1.0).
URI::URL found (v5.02).
Safe operations untrapped      ftfile sort rand
Database Information
Database Interfaces      GDBM available (v1.03)
Berkeley DB_File available (v1.72)
DBI enabled (v1.14), available drivers:

3. interchange/error.log

- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:30 -0800] - - Config 'ds15' at server startup
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:30 -0800] - - Using PostgreSQL,
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:32 -0800] - - ds15 config error: No database
object for table: affiliate
> Probable mismatch of Database directive to database type,
> for example calling DBI without proper modules or database
> access.
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:32 -0800] - - Error reconfiguring catalog
/cgi-bin/ds15 from running server (4084)
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:32 -0800] - - Config 'ds15' from running
server (4084)
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:32 -0800] - - Using PostgreSQL,
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:33 -0800] - - ds15 config error: Couldn't move
'/var/ic/ds15/products/new_userdb.sql' to
'/var/ic/ds15/products/userdb.sql': No such file or directory
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:33 -0800] - - ds15: config error. Skipping.
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:33 -0800] - - Config 'test1' at server startup
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:33 -0800] - - Using default DBM database.
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:33 -0800] - - START server (4132) (INET and
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:43 -0800] - - ds15 config error: ERROR:  Bad
timestamp external representation ''
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:43 -0800] - - Error reconfiguring catalog
/cgi-bin/ds15 from running server (4084)

4. $CATALOG/error.log
- - - [01/December/2000:11:32:32 -0800] ds15 - bad table creation statement:
> create table affiliate

> affiliate char(16) NOT NULL,
> name text,
> campaigns text,
> coupon_amount text,
> join_date text,
> url text,
> timeout text,
> active text,
> password text,
> image text
> )
> Error: ERROR:  Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index

5. interchange.cfg (passwords changed to protect the innocent)

#Variable    SOMESQL         1
#Variable    MYSQL
#Variable    PGSQL           1
#Variable    ORACLE
#Variable    SQLDSN          dbi:Pg:dbname=ds15
#Variable    SQLDB           ds15
#Variable    SQLUSER         XXXX
#Variable    SQLPASS         YYYY

6. psql \dt
ds15=# \dt
           List of relations
       Name       | Type  |    Owner
 affiliate        | table | interchange
 area             | table | interchange
 cat              | table | interchange
 country          | table | interchange
 gift_certs       | table | interchange
 merchandising    | table | interchange
 orderline        | table | interchange
 pricing          | table | interchange
 recurring_items  | table | interchange
 recurring_orders | table | interchange
 userdb           | table | interchange
(11 rows)

7. psql SELECT * FROM affiliate
ds15=# SELECT * FROM affiliate;
    affiliate     |           name           | campaigns | coupon_amount |
join_date |                  url                  | timeout | active |
password |                       image
 hardhat          | Hardhat Construction     | coupon    | 5             |
20000827  | http://demo.akopia.com/~hardhat       |         | 1      |
akopia   | http://demo.akopia.com/~hardhat/images/logo.gif
 consolidated     | Consolidated Diversified | coupon    | 5             |
20000910  | http://www.minivend.com/consolidated/ |         | 1      |
akopia   | http://www.minivend.com/consolidated/conslogo.gif
(2 rows)

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