[ic] Interchange 4.6.1 released

Jon Jensen jon@akopia.com
Sun, 3 Dec 2000 02:14:44 -0600 (CST)

We're happy to announce the release of Akopia Interchange 4.6.1, a minor
update to the stable branch of our ecommerce software. It is available
from the Akopia Developer Resource website at:


At the end of this message is the list of changes for this release.

We'd like to note that some FreeBSD users have had problems getting
Interchange to work. These problems seem to be caused by anomalies in the
default build of Perl that is included with FreeBSD. We recommend that
anyone experiencing such problems try building a new Perl from source and
see if that helps, as it has for us.

We appreciate the many helpful bugfixes and suggestions from the
community, and encourage posts to the interchange-users list and
annotations to the web-based documentation. Both are available at the
URL above.

The Akopia Team

What's new:

* Added MS Excel import/export capability.

* Added new SessionType "NFS", which forces fcntl_lock/fcntl_unlock in
  SessionFile.pm (bug #76).

* Report missing DBDs at startup time by working around DBI bug that causes
  $@ to be eaten (bug #75).

* Miscellaneous bugfixes, thanks to Jean-Philippe Bouchard:
  - Fixed Data.pm bug that caused flypage problems (bug #60).
  - Fixed spreadsheet edit auto export bug (bug #59).

* Link program fixes, thanks to minivend@delionsweb.net:
  - Fixed tlink.pl LINK_PORT problem (bug #61).
  - Fixed compile_link 'nosuid' option failure (bug #66).

* Construct Something changes:
  - Fixed stock alert price problem (bug #57).
  - Fixed 'title' vs. 'description' field issues. Thanks to Steve Gertz.

* Fixed [selected] and [checked] tags to be more uniform and to support
  case-sensitive and $CGI comparisons. Documented in Tagref.pm. Also,
  "multiple" and "default" args can no longer be positional -- no big loss.

* Fixed bug that kept [item-subtotal noformat=1] from being recognized.

* [item-exec routine] now picks up $Values, etc. before a [calc] is run.

* Order.pm: routes now use a "from" parameter which sets the email From: 

* Fixes to Util.pm:
  - Prevent sprintf() from screwing up numbers in certain locales.
  - [include] now can interpret [L] if locale=1 parameter is added.

* Server.pm -- we can now accept ISINDEX queries (for what it is worth).

* Scan.pm -- fix non-interpolated tags in search profiles.

* Database tables can now reside in different directories with the 
  DIR option to the Database config parameter.

* Fixed typo ('error' vs. 'errors') in Order.pm preventing no-items
  error from being seen at checkout (bug #82). Thanks to Bas Bezemer.

* Removed some duplicated image files, reducing package size by ~ 200 KB.

* Fixed scoping problem with override from user image upload.

* Allow internationalization of error messages in UserDB.

* interchange.PL: Fixed bad call to Vend::Imagemap::action_map, must be
  just the action_map since autouse is in force. Thanks to Jeff Carnahan.

* Fixed bugs in or-ed searches in DbSearch, fixed mv_search_relate bugs.

* Fixed problem with nu parameter getting out of sync in mv_sql_query.

* Added 3 usertags: benchmark, sleep, and table_organize (in eg/).

* Filled in some missing timestamp fields in construct demo store data,
  which was causing PostgreSQL 7 data imports to fail.