[ic] payment questions- newbie

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.net
Sun, 3 Dec 2000 13:40:24 -0000

>1. Does interchange store credit card numbers in the database (it seems
>Also doesn't do real time payment processing and so it's something

The number is not stored. The card type, expiry are.  There are a number of
payment methods - this could be real time authorisation through a number of
providers. If you choose to do a manual authorisation the cc information
would be encrypted by pgp - in this case it would likely be sent to you via
email and also stored in a file on the server, also encrypted.

Not encrypting the info would be a very bad idea ;-) The method with this
encryption IS secure.

>2. What is Company P.O.?

Company Purchase Order - for customers who are ordering to be charged to
their credit account already set up with you.

>3. If I want to collect payment from wire transfer what should I do? I mean
>customer transfer the amount to my account and write that unique number
>(given from on the banks form) on a field on the checkout page and manually
>a sales person checks that number from the bank and process the order.

The Company PO would handle this - you would authorise the payment offline.

>Sorry for my english.

No problem with your english. 8-)

Have fun with interchange. It is a very powerful application.