[ic] Re:[mv]*** Interchange 4.6 & PgSQL Difficulties ***

B. Clare bfc@porte.com
Sun, 03 Dec 2000 10:32:54 -0600

Maybe I'm just lazy but...

I sure would pay for docs and/or distributions with various payment
services already "plugged in".  It's a great product and would benefit
from the wider distribution that simplicity would bring.  I could also
resell / recommend it much easier to clients.

Sign me up for the commercial release! :>)

Brian Clare

Jonathan Clark wrote:
> [snip, snip, snip]
> >
> >Can we expect a commercial product (with a GREAT documentation about
> >the internals in printed format) one day, which is around $ $$$.cc to
> >$ 1 $$$.cc and poor "Mensch" still can afford to buy ?
> >
> How about the product as it is, but published GREAT documentation about
> the internals in printed format?
> I would happily pay for some good quality printed documentation.