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I think you are headed in the right direction here and you solution is
entirely feasible. I am not sure if you are using product weights to
calculate shipping, but one thing you may not have considered is dimentional

It will be easy to calculate a shipping amount for each line item in the
basket and add this all together to determine the total shipping amount. But
what if two items are going to the same non-default address? These items
could be put into the same box, which would at times be less expensive than
shipping them separately.

I have spoken with Mike regarding this function and he has informed me that
he plans to move the information in ship_addresses tables to the userdb
table to consolidate the data somewhat. There will also be other
improvements to this function and sounds like an almost complete rewrite.

I am not sure when this will be done, so if your schedule is tight, it would
most likely be best for you to continue on your current path.

Good luck,


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Has anyone handled multiple ship to's?

My thoughts on how to do it are;

Add the shipmode to the ship_addresses table, force valid country and state
on ship_addresses
table using pull downs.

Add all fields from the ship_addresses table to the orderline table and
populate with the
appropriate data at checkout time.

Modify the shipping routine to use the shipping info from the orderline
table instead of the
transaction table, use the shipping field in orderline to store the
individual line item
shipping charge, keep the total in the transaction table.

Modify the receipt print and e-mail line item section to order by ship to
with applicable

If feeling overly energetic, rip the ship to info out of the userdb, and
transaction table. The
main purpose of this is to remove redundant data. It might muck with other
stuff in the system,
so I probably will take the chickenhearted approach, and leave it in.

If somone has done something similar please let me know any hints.

If this functionality is already in progress by Akopia, please let me know
before I waste my

Lastly, I would be glad to share this code when done, but I really could use
some help in
finding out where all the bodies are buried (boy would I like to have an
entity relationship
diagram, and some inline documentation in the code).


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