[ic] IC Stability vs. MV4

John Beima jbeima@reality.palb.com
Sun, 03 Dec 2000 20:29:03 -0700 (MST)

G'Day Eric,

I have run some of the sites I have done under Interchange, and they seem to be 
running fine.

However I have created them from the ground up. In other words there was no 
starting template.

Also we don't use MiniMate or the new UI. Just the Interchange engine. I write 
my own User Interfaces. I can make them simplier for the common end user then 
and much more specific.

Where I have run into problems is where you WANT to use the UI. The metatag 
database must be updated between MiniVend & Interchange. Heck even between some 
versions of Interchange it must ne updated.

Then there is the addition of the Variables database. All of this seems to need 
to be in place in order for the UI to start up.

If things go as they have in the past, I look forward to when we can customize 
the UI more. Or even write custom menus for it. I know you can do some of it 
with the Variables database, but like anything else, we need to give Akopia time 
to expand it.

Until then, just right your own UI and use the enginge. After all it is still 
MiniVend, just a newer version with some new features. The import tag also works 

John Beima

Quoting Eric Paul <epaul@spellbook.net>:

> Ok, here's a question for people on the list using IC for live shops. 
> How 
> have you found the stability of IC vs. MV4?  So far I've been keeping my
> IC 
> shop up just for my own testing and keeping my live shops on MV3 and 
> MV4.  I really like a lot of the new things in IC 4.5 and 4.6, but so
> far 
> I've been leary of moving shops that make money over there out of the 
> somewhat irrational fear I have of putting paying customers on beta 
> software.  Is there a good stable revision of IC that runs with the same
> stability of MV-404a?  I run too many shops to be pulling them down 
> everytime the CVS changes, but I *REALLY* want to be able to give my 
> customers the ability to pull their data right into QuickBooks without 
> having to re-enter every sale by hand.
> Eric
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