[ic] Avoiding CPAN (re)install

Dan db@list.dnsalias.net
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 00:46:01 -0800

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>Any ideas? [...]

I don't like to install via cpan modules, here's what I do.

Get all the module *.tar.gz files from search.cpan.org, put them in a
directory with these two shell scripts.

perlmods.sh just runs install_mod.sh on each tar.gz, unzipping it, 'make'ing
it, and 'make install'ing it.

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P=3Dinstall_mod.sh	#P for program=0A=
# pgsql and mysql should be setup and POSTGRES_LIB and POSTGRES_INCLUDE =
set to the =0A=
# correct directories first.=0A=
$P DBI-1.14=0A=
$P Data-ShowTable-3.3=0A=
$P DBD-Pg-0.95=0A=
$P Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2215=0A=
$P libnet-1.0703=0A=
$P MIME-Base64-2.11=0A=
$P Safe-Hole-0.06=0A=
$P SQL-Statement-0.1016=0A=
$P URI-1.09=0A=
$P Digest-MD5-2.11=0A=
$P Term-ReadLine-Perl-0.9908=0A=
$P TermReadKey-2.14=0A=
$P Storable-1.0.0=0A=
$P Business-UPS-1.13=0A=
$P HTML-Parser-3.11		#for html entities.pm=0A=
$P libwww-perl-5.48		#for LWP::Simple=0A=
$P Tie-Watch-1.0		#for Tie::Watch=0A=
#Not currently interested in:=0A=
#$P HTML-Embperl-1.3b4=0A=
#these are all the most current, stable versions of interchange-related =
modules as of 10-11-00=0A=

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#the first argument to this program should be the name of the .tar.gz =
#but without the .tar.gz (so it will turn to the right directory)=0A=
tar zxvf $1.tar.gz=0A=
cd $1=0A=
perl Makefile.PL=0A=
make install	#requires root, maybe throw in a few SU's in here to =0A=
		#make it more secure=0A=