[ic] perl manual

BF meinbuch@mein-buch.com
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 17:14:18 -0500 (EST)

 > Hello all,
 > Can anyone give me some advice on a good perl book that can help me
 > understand interchange a bit more. It seems there are more books about
 > perl out there then readers. You can mail me personal if you think that
 > this is off-topic.
 These are all good and different, but if they would help you understand
 interchange a bit more quick and dirty, that's another thing... 8-)
 * et al. notation reflects my lazyness of writing out all authors
   and not preference of the one spelled out 
 Beginning Perl, Simon Cozens, June 2000
 Debugging Perl, Troubleshooting for Programmer, Martin Brown, 2001
 Cross-Platform Perl, Eric Foster-Johnson, 2nd Ed., 2000
 Elements of Programming with Perl, Andrew L. Johnson, 2000
 Object Oriented Perl, Damian Conway, 2000
 Perl Developer's Guide, Edward Peschko et al., 2000
 Perl for System Administration, Blank-Edelman, July 2000
 Programming the Perl DBI,  Descarte and Bunce, Feb. 2000
 Programming Perl, Wall et al., 3rd Edition, July 2000
 CGI Perl Programming with Perl, Guehlich et al, July 2000
 Mastering Algorithms with Perl, Orwant et al, 1999
 Perl in a Nutshell, Ellen Siever et al, January 1999
 Perl, Annotated Archives, Martin Brown, 1999
 Learning Perl/TK, Walsh, March 1999
 Perl by Example, Ellie Quigley, 2nd edition, 1998
 Perl Cookbook, Christianson et al., Aug. 1998
 Perl 5 Interactive Course, Jon Orwant, 1998
 Perl 5 Complete, Edward Peschko et al., 1998
 Perl 5 HOW-TO, 2nd Ed., Sephen Asbury et al., 1997
 Advanced Perl Programming, Srinivasan, Aug 1997
 Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, Schwartz et al, August 1997
 Learning Perl, Schwartz, 199?
 Mastering Regular Expressions, Friedl, 1997
 Effective Perl Programming, Hall et al, 1998