[ic] looking for shop-builder, benchmarks...

Deano deano@viz.com
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 13:22:52 -0800

Trolling around the Interchange website, I couldn't find any references to
consulting companies and whatnot that might do an Interchange implementation
for me. Is everyone here very much building stores on their own, or can a
good company be recommended? Failing a company, are there recommendations
for what sort of programmer(s) I should hire to migrate my current site
(ASP/FoxPRO(!!?!)) to Interchange? I'm assuming perl knowledge is useful,
but could I get some more specific details?

Also, is there any* kind of benchmark data available for sites running
Interchange? I realize it's not exactly a set question, but how about a
breakdown of "required hardware at various traffic levels" or somesuch?