[ic] Image upload permissions

Paul R Stearns pauls@compuace.com
Mon, 04 Dec 2000 16:58:42 -0500


The following is based on IC 4.6.0 and the construct demo.

I am not the final authority on this, but I believe that the images are
stored in 2 directories called thumb and items. These directories are
located in the directory wwwroot/catalogs/images, where wwwroot is the
path to the root of your website. On my system the images directory is
actually a link from the catalogs directory to the actual html directory
assigned in apache.

I had problems with uploading at the begining and needed to play about
with group access and permissions, but I don't believe that I
compromised security to the ...catalog/pages... directory tree.

If I have messed this up I am sure someone else out there will correct


Jerry wrote:

> Does anyone know the minnimum permissions you can
> set to allow a store owner to use the upload
> image widget?
> We'd like the store owner to only add/edit/delete
> items along with upload the appropriate image
> file(s). With permissions in the UI set for
> item editing, an attempt to upload gives
> a "Sorry, no permission for page files" error.
> They have to have access to the page files to
> upload a graphic related to items for sale?
> This seems like a very dangerous thing to do.
> I must be missing something, but can't seem to
> find a combination that works.
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