[ic] Image upload permissions

Jerry jerry@digitalfm.com
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 20:03:38 -0500

Nope, not even then. I even created an admin user test.
Then I manually turned on every option and made them
available to the user. Added the wild card to page and file
as images/items/* and still doesn't allow the upload. Only
seems to work for superuser, which works just fine. The
error is basically the same but does define the directory
as no permission to upload to /items/images. Thought for
sure it work turning on everything manually,though that
wasn't a solution. Tried every possible combination of wildcard
expressions I could think of two. The symbolic is set properly.
Let me also check the the last time I did a CVS update. 


> Quoting Jerry (jerry@digitalfm.com):
> > Does anyone know the minnimum permissions you can
> > set to allow a store owner to use the upload 
> > image widget?

> I don't think we provide an interface to this, but you should
> simply be able to go to the direct table edit for "access", and
> plug in a wildcard expression into the "files" or "pages"
> field. The demo has a "shipping" user which has a couple of
> examples of this.
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