[ic] Are there any Simple Templates??

Michael H. Collins mhtexcollins@austin.rr.com
Mon, 04 Dec 2000 20:00:32 -0600

	Ain't it the truth.  I just asked about "simple" site in the docs.  I
am really having a hard time dealing with the interface.  It is probably
too simple for me to figgure out.  I think it is getting clearer looking
at the construct site with lynx.  

	What is this cybercash of which you speak.  


Onward through the fog.

root wrote:
> I've been buggering with the default template all day, but it's going to
> take alot of customization just to make it simple which doesn't make
> alot of sense.
> All I need is a very simple shopping cart with about 10-20 items.  I
> don't need advertising or even shipping.  All I need is for them to
> click on the item (I only need 3 catagories), click checkout, talk to
> cybercash then re-direct them to a certian page.  I'm having a really
> hard time getting rid of all the stuff I don't want or need.
> If any of you have a very simple template that I can use, or have any
> suggestions for quickly getting rid of all the extra stuff I'd
> appreciate it.
> Thanks
> Keith
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