[ic] Database diagram and location of tax & shipping modules...

Dan db@list.dnsalias.net
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 18:55:44 -0800

> > I've already got a collection of Visio diagrams for the backend
> > database that IC connects to and diagrams for the b2b EDI
> > connections, etc.
> Can you share these in some format?

Sorry, that sentance was not constructed very well.  Here's what I was
trying to say:  "Having the Interchnage database schema would be a nice
addition to the visio diagrams that I already have".
I was referring to visio diagrams that for a big project (but aren't related
to interchange).

    |--->Interchange (front end)
    |--->Faxing gateway
    |--->Accounting software (MAS90)
    |--->Real time B2B EDI gateway with industry partner

That's why I was saying that I have diagrams for most of the stuff, but the
Interchange part isn't fleshed out yet.

-Dan Browning