[ic] MySQL help.

Dan db@list.dnsalias.net
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 18:59:37 -0800

Are the DBI and DBD Mysql-msql modules installed?  Do non-mysql catalogs
work?  If so, what is the admin-adminstrative output? (especially regarding
which dbd's are installed)?

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From: Evan G. Tishuk
To: interchange-users@minivend.com
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 6:55 PM
Subject: [ic] MySQL help.

Interchange is installed.
But I can't get it to communicate or "cross-mojo-nate" with MySQL.
I'm running Linux Mandrake 7.0 and MySQL 3.23.  I'm pretty new to both of
them so I really have no idea what the problem is.  I can get teh MySQL
server running and I can verify that it's working with 'mysqladmin ping' but
when I run makecat or when I restart interchange it gives me this error in
the terminal window:
"ERROR: Can't connect to local mysql server (111)"
I don't know if it's in the DSN dbi stuff or what.  I don't even want it to
deal with the localhost.  Just an IP.
Now, just to make sure MySQL is the problem please tell me if these syptoms
are indicative of a MySQL prob.

I can get the test page @ http://myserver.com/construct but I cannot get
anything from http://myserver.com/cgi-bin/construct
When I type in the latter address it generates some b.s about interchange
not running correctly but it doesn't explicitly say that MySQL is to blame.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.