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If I read the request correctly then the answer is:
You need a merchant account *and* a payment gateway service.
Many payment gateway services roll the two applications into one and this 
confused me in the beginning.
Many times existing merchants (brick and mortar) already have merchant 
accounts and they can usually find a payment gateway that is willing to set 
up with the existing account providing that the acquiring bank have 
compatible procedures.

In general my limited experience give me bias towards the more established 
Many of them have more expensive setup fees but you kind of get what you 
pay for ...
Watch out for higher than normal discount rates and gateway fees.
I have been very happy with Signio Payflo Pro (Now Verisign) - no shopping 
cart included - and I've done some setups using Authorize.net.
In general I advise against using Services like Accesspoint's Merchant 
manager if you are building your own shopping cart with Interchange/Minivend.

Search the mail archives for the FTP info to get the other demos.

At 08:52 PM 12/4/2000, you wrote:
>         Can someone point me to documentation about setting up a bank to 
> verify
>credit cards,  Or better a way to do it myself.   And what does one have
>to do at a bank to get the transaction process set up.  They all want to
>send me to verisign and use their shopping cart.
>Also, the docs talk of a store called "simple"  I cannot find it.
>In over my head and I love it.
>Thanks ahead.
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