[ic] Keeping up with 'construct', but bringing your changes along with you with 'diff -c' patches

Michael Hall mhall@riverside.org
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 20:19:36 -0800

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 05:57:43PM -0800, Dan wrote:

> What is the best way to keep up with new IC construct catalog changes while
> still keeping modifications?
> Basically, this is a "How to use 'diff" question.  The idea is that I can
> build a 4.6.1 catalog based off of construct with a few changes.  For the
> changes, I make a bunch of '.patch' files using 'diff -c' for the entire
> catalog directory (how do you roll all the patches into 1 file, ala kernel
> patches, for a whole directory?).

'man diff' :-) Recursive '-r', new files '-n', ...

diff -urN <orig dir> <new dir> > outfile

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