[ic] CyberCash 3.3. Which method is the best??

Keith Pettit keithp@censoft.com
Tue, 5 Dec 2000 14:08:59 -0700

CyberCash 3.3 is out and I'm creating a new shopping cart.  The instructions
to install CyberCash lists a couple different methods.
Which one is the best.  Here is the URL I was looking at:


On my old Minivend cart my catalog.cfg had this section:

CreditCardAuto     No
CyberCash     Yes
Variable         CYBER_CONFIGFILE
Variable         CYBER_VERSION       3.2

But I didn't see anywhere in the examples that showed this method so I would
appreciate any suggestions.  And I also wanted to double check that
CyberCash 3.3 works.