[ic] Search Engine Spiders and Interchange

Jonathan Clark jonc@webmaint.net
Wed, 6 Dec 2000 10:04:20 -0000

>Running Interchange 4.6.1
>For search engine indexing, the IC docs recommend to send a search engine
>a statically generated URL and it will spider the static links on the page.
>How would this scenario work, it is a little vague to me? Would my
>index.html in my document root space still keep its meta tag that refreshes
>the page to interchange cgi daemon? Wouldn't this confuse the search engine

This would not _confuse_ them, but using a short meta refresh time classes
the page as a 'jump page' and this is generally frowned upon by search
engines and can be treated as spamming them. The reason for this was that
webmasters created pages designed to do well in particular searches, but the
user visiting the page was almost immediately forwarded somewhere else.

I think what the docs mean is to create a page that looks like the
interchange index page, but is in the static html space. An alternative that
has also been talked about is to use a url redirect set up in apache.