[ic] Dreamweaver 3 Module - a good bugzilla item?

Paul Stearns pauls@compuace.com
Wed, 6 Dec 2000 08:20:48 -0500


You were not dreaming, the posts you are refering to were posted on
11/23/2000-11/26/2000 there are about a half a dozen posts.

The subject of the thread is;
          [ic] Interchange DreamWeaver extension

Either the search engine is case sensitve (probably not), or it was looking for
the entire word dreamweaver (most likely).

I found the posts in my own mail folder Interchange...


Dan wrote:

> I know I'm not crazy - I do remember seeing a few posts re: a dreamweaver 3
> module that gives it better [] parsing, but I couldn't bring them up in the
> mailing list.  Neither could I find 'dream' or 'macr' in bugzilla or the
> feature request list.
> So should I open a bug (cat: feature request) for a dreamweaver3 module?
> Dan Browning
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