[ic] Multiple ship to's...

Warren Odom warren-odom@stenocall.com
Wed, 6 Dec 2000 10:21:20 -0600

Quoting Mike:
>I am a firm believer in keeping down table proliferation, and changing
>the structure of a table is much harder to do than changing a stringified
>hash in a table.
>The problem with reading these from the db for purposes of storing
>in the order is that if the customer changes their ship address
>in the system the materiel could get mis-shipped. It needs to be
>attached to the transaction. I suppose it would be possible to create
>yet another table, or to deactivate records, or somesuch, but that
>seems rather ridiculous.

I must be missing something.  The address is first stored in the database
(exactly where is not the issue for this point).  If the user changes it,
it's changed there.  In the checkout screen, the user mixes & matches line
items with addresses.  When the user leaves the checkout screen, all
addresses are copied from the db to the transaction line items.  Won't that

Regarding where it's stored in the db, again I must be missing something.
>From the mailing-list messages, I gathered there was an existing
ship-address table, and the only question was whether to leave it alone
(less work) or merge it into the billing-address information (more work).
Can you clarify?  (Sorry, I can't check the files myself right now-my system
has crashed and won't reboot.)

           -- Warren