[ic] Multiple ship to's...

Paul R Stearns pauls@compuace.com
Wed, 06 Dec 2000 11:33:07 -0500

The addresses are stored in the ship_address table.

However there is no place that I found in the construct demo which relates a
line item to a particular ship to. Additionally there is no capability to handle
shipping charges to multiple locations.


Warren Odom wrote:

> Quoting Mike:
> >I am a firm believer in keeping down table proliferation, and changing
> >the structure of a table is much harder to do than changing a stringified
> >hash in a table.
> >
> >The problem with reading these from the db for purposes of storing
> >in the order is that if the customer changes their ship address
> >in the system the materiel could get mis-shipped. It needs to be
> >attached to the transaction. I suppose it would be possible to create
> >yet another table, or to deactivate records, or somesuch, but that
> >seems rather ridiculous.
> I must be missing something.  The address is first stored in the database
> (exactly where is not the issue for this point).  If the user changes it,
> it's changed there.  In the checkout screen, the user mixes & matches line
> items with addresses.  When the user leaves the checkout screen, all
> addresses are copied from the db to the transaction line items.  Won't that
> work?
> Regarding where it's stored in the db, again I must be missing something.
> >From the mailing-list messages, I gathered there was an existing
> ship-address table, and the only question was whether to leave it alone
> (less work) or merge it into the billing-address information (more work).
> Can you clarify?  (Sorry, I can't check the files myself right now-my system
> has crashed and won't reboot.)
>            -- Warren
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