[ic] reading and writing interchange's html files

Andrew Waegel andrew@benevolent-tech.com
Wed, 06 Dec 2000 13:49:27 -0800


Some questions about the internals of interchange. Since I've not been able 
to make an account on bugzilla, I've not been able to post a bug report 
about the issue of linebreaks being written to the template section of an 
interchange html file using IE 5.0 on Mac (don't laugh, works better than 
NN for the most part).

I am, however, happy to fix the problem myself with a little guidance. So, 
my question is this: when creating a new page (or editing an existing page) 
with the Interchange UI, where is the code that's actually responsible for 
writing the .html file to the /catalog/pages directory? I've looked in 
/lib/UI/pages/admin/page_edit.html, but I don't think that's it. Any 
guidance? Is it part of the Interchange daemon? Thanks!

- Andrew

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