[ic] basket html

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
07 Dec 2000 09:50:09 -0500

"Alex" <alex@multimake.com> writes:

> But the problem is that after i define the page by the Admin
> Interface, so i do a preview test, and so don't show me the basket
> of products, show me the page empty without any things, only with
> the top/left/bottom of the page, please help me.

You need to give us more to go on.  Show us the relevant code from the
basket page.  If there are any variables used in it, show us where the
variables are defined.  (Note: This does not mean mail the entire
catalog.cfg and the entire basket.html.  A good strategy is to try and
put as little as possible in the basket.html until it does what you
expect.  Then start adding one thing at a time until it quits doing
what you expect.)
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