[ic] Templates & Formatting for a novice

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
07 Dec 2000 15:23:24 -0500

"Gregory Nimmons" <gnimmon@CLEMSON.EDU> writes:

> Could someone explain how to stretch the width of every page
> template from 600 pixels to 100% of the screen and left justify it? 

I think this is fairly complicated.  The problem is that there isn't
just one place to go to.  At least when I went through and did this
there were many tables and tds that had fixed width specifiers.  I
guess this depends on the catalog (obviously). One way to do this is
to 'grep -ri table *' in the catalog top directory.  This will tell
you everywhere tables are opened and closed.  Maybe a better thing
would be 'grep -ri width *' to see everywhere the width specifier is
used.   Remember, grep is your friend.  To show grep how much you like
him, you should read his man page often.  Each time he will teach you
some new trick.
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