[ic] Problems with interchange administration.

Andreas Kotowicz koto@mynetix.de
07 Dec 2000 23:04:21 CET

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000 13:32:39 -0800 (PST), JImmy Mejia said:

>  Hello All!
>  2 ays ago I begun installing interchange, mainly because of the nice
>  things that I read about it diferents places, including RedHat forums.
>  The problem that I am having is probably stupid but I can not find any
>  solution to it. I installed the "construct" example using mysql on a
>  FreeBSD 4.1 Server, the catalog is ok but when I go to the administrative
>  area and I log in all seems to be ok, but if I try to make any change, for
>  example in the Items-->os28113-->Product Price or whatever, I get again in
>  the log in area or with a message saying "The following error occurred: 
>  Please correct and try again. Maybe you need to log in?   "
>  Of course I logged in with the administrator user, so this message is
>  ridiculus. If I try to delete any product, i get this error "The following
>  error occurred: Not authorized for table products.  Please correct and try 
>  again.  Maybe you need to log in?   "
>  At the end the administrative area is absolutly useless because I can not
>  do nothing there.
>  Can somebody help me or to say me what the hell I am doing wrong?

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