[ic] Secure order

Hans-Joachim Leidinger hans-joachim.leidinger@home.gelsen-net.de
Fri, 08 Dec 2000 01:36:22 +0100

JImmy Mejia wrote:
> Does anybody know if is posible to setup the server in order of to have,
> at the moment of checkout, a secure conection using
> ssl (in the way of https://bla.bla.bla.com)
> If yes, help me by telling me where I should go to modify the
> configuration of interchange.
> Thank You very much.

In your catalog.cfg, you have to set 

Variable    SECURE_SERVER   http://__MVC_SERVERNAME__
AlwaysSecure         your-order-page-name


Variable    SECURE_SERVER   https://__MVC_SERVERNAME__

(if the domain name is not the same as __MVC_SERVERNAME__
Variable    SECURE_SERVER   https://bla.bla.bla.com


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