[ic] Loading Interchange DB into Postgres

Nick Rathke render@qwest.net
Thu, 07 Dec 2000 15:45:26 -0700

Being new to this list, Perl and Interchange, I have a newbe

I am running Interchange on redhat 7.0 with postgres7.0. Interchange
builds and runs fine, and I don't get any errors telling the catalog to
use Postgres. But how do I load the postgresql database files? I have
tried the standard way psql  "database-name" < filename, but it isn't
working. I know  that postgres is good because I other database up and
running, and I can view thier tables with pgaccess. Is this a perl
thing, or a Interchange thing? So, how do I load a file into the
database to use with Interchange ?


Nick Rathke