[ic] Saving shopping carts

Hans-Joachim Leidinger hans-joachim.leidinger@home.gelsen-net.de
Fri, 08 Dec 2000 21:46:47 +0100

Chris Rapier wrote:
> I was working on an idea for users to save their shopping carts so they
> can return to them later. My idea was that, after logging in, they could
> access carts they previously saved and pick up shopping where they left
> off. I have a way to do it but its exteremely... hackish (database keyed
> on the username+timestamp with the row containing cells which hold the
> sku and quantity (eg bob976292700       425:1   421:3   62461:2))
> I remember seeing something about this several months ago but I can't
> find it in the archives. Has anyone done anything like this or can
> suggest a better way?


Why not using the nickname to store the cart and later to reload the
cart by that nickname?
As I recall, the demo shop has this function in the basket, if you are
logged in.


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