[ic] Discovering if a checkbox is checked on a results page (without javascript?)

Dan db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Sat, 9 Dec 2000 00:24:01 -0800

Dear Dan,

I would have thought you'd have learned this by now, Dan.  I don't know how
to do it without javascript, but here is one way.

>  <input type="checkbox" name="foo" value="0">I like foo

Try instead...

<input onClick="this.form.foo.value=this.form.foo.checked" type="checkbox"
name="foo" value="0">I like foo
[value name=foo set=""]

Which makes sure that whenever foo is clicked, it's value is the same as
it's checkbox.  Then the value can be correctly accessed on the results page
like you coded.

Sheesh.  Amatures.  You are so verbal with your ignorance.

Dan Browning - danb@cyclonecomputers.com

PS. I'm not Schizophrenic, just self-analytical.