[ic] No ability to upload pictures

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 10:16:18 -0500

Quoting Michael Raps (Michael.Raps@daccord.ch):
> Hi Mike,
> just look into the bug. There are some more infos. Sorry, but
> that is all I can tell you... As Dallas has the same problem (I
> guess also with the 4.6.1 Construct demo) it doesn't seem to be
> depending on my installation.

Go to the live demo site and you will see it working. It does
work when set up properly.

It is possible to misconfigure your system mv_metadata file
and make it not work. If your image paths don't match what
are in the demo, look out!

It does work. It just doesn't work for you. That may mean
it is not a bug; it may mean it is a bug. No one can know until
more diagnostic information is provided. For example, what are the
prepend/append paths in the metadata, what you have defined
as an IMAGE_DIR, do you have symbolic links in your
directory which point to the correct image directory, etc.

My guess is that you copied something over mv_metadata.asc
and the paths don't match, but once again, it is just a guess.
Everyone will be guessing until you provide some information.

If, and it is a big if, it is a bug it will be fixed. If
an enhancment to make it more foolproof is put forward,
I will certainly look at that. (Already for 4.7.x I have
put in Stefan's imagehelper widget).

This is in the FAQ stating what Akopia will do to support Interchange,
and my personal position on it hasn't changed much over the years:

    Quickly follow up on cogent bug reports. A bug is a demonstrated
    fault in the program logic that can be duplicated. A cogent bug
    report is detailed and concise, and includes HTML/code snippets
    that demonstrate the problem. Bugs can be entered on Bugzilla at

I always look at reported bugs (that I own) right away, and if the report
is shoddy I cannot spend time on it. A bug report is not the mechanism
for support.

Remember, I am always listening to the mail list. If you have problems
that are not bugs, report them here.  Even if we don't answer, if there
are enough reports we do get around to fixing and enhancing things.
You will see that when 4.8 hits (complete modular and matrix options,
tree-based lists, nested [if-data|param|modifier], and much more). 8-)

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