[ic] no search string error reporting in error log

Jerry jerry@digitalfm.com
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 11:13:52 -0500

I doubt this has anything to do with the search box.
It's most like caused by using the default construct
templete LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM. There is a section in there
that searchs for cross_sell items. I saw this early on,
but I don't use that code so I never looked for why it
caused this error.

Look for this block of code and try to cut it out. It should
then just list 3 random items. See if the errors go away.
My guess is they will. If they do, you'll at least know where
to look that needs a fix.

[seti cross_codes][loop
		my $search = q{
		if($cat = $Scratch->{cross_sell}) {
			$Scratch->{right_banner} = 'Also...';
			$search .= "se=$cat\n";
			$search .= "sf=cross_category";
		else {
			$Scratch->{right_banner} = 'Featured';
			$search .= "se=$cat\n";
			$search .= "sf=featured";
		return $search;
<--- CUT


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> Hello all,
> We are running a live store using the construct template (until we master
> the IC tags better)
> we get this error in the error log from every page load on the site:
> wbpcstore /cgi-bin/wbpcstore/index.html search error: Search 
> strings must be
> at least 1 characters. You had no search string specified.
> The only thing I can figure is when a user clicks on a link IC 
> looks at the
> search box everytimje then returns this error.  It causes no function
> problems, just fills up the error logs fast - (with over 14,000 
> hits already
> this month it gets big fast!)
> Any ideas??
> Thanks
> Eric Hull
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