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Sun, 10 Dec 2000 16:18:41 -0500 (EST)

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> Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 09:48:11 -0500
> From: Todd Masco <tm2b@redhat.com>
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> Subject: Re: [OP] Credit Card processing, Red Hat Developer Network
> Birgitt Funk wrote:
> > While reading this, I just wonder if you might also have a look at
> > the new Interchange package from Akopia, Inc., based on MiniVend,
> > developed by Mike Heins and Tallyman, developed originally by a team of
> > four, all of them AFAIK working together now on Interchange. AFAIK,
> > Interchange is using also CCVS, is distributed with RedHat.
> > (http://developer.akopia.com)
> Absolutely.  They're great folks at Akopia, I can't speak highly enough of 
> them and Interchange is a great Open Source "product."
> > I wished to use Interchange/Minivend on POS system customized for
> > bookstores which would be usable on any PC, cashdrawer and simple Symbol
> > handhold scanner and based exclusively on Open Source software,
> > ie. Linux/BSD, gdbm/MySQL, Interchange/MiniVend and additional accounting
> > packages etc.
> Excepting the caveats of the difficulties of Open Source software regarding
> credit card processing, this is completely doable.  In fact, we saw such a
> system running at the 1997 Atlanta Linux Showcase (it was actually Tcl based).
> (I'd personally recommend PostgreSQL as the database for anything handling
> financial transactions, but that's a controversial topic and isn't worth
> igniting a flame war here.)
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There is a mailing list "opos-list@ssc.com", which tries to get an open
source project off the ground dealing with an OSS POS systems.
I don't know if anything is happening, but I guess as always "getting
involved" for the ones who can write code, is always appreciated.