[ic] CyberCash Message Not Showing In Log

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 18:26:40 -0500

Are you starting the Interchange server as the right user?  From what 
you've said, it looks like maybe you're starting it as root in one case 
(bad thing) and not in another....  What are you doing differently between 
the command lines in initd and the ones you type from the command 
line?  What user are you starting it as when you do it from the command line?

There's some things to check at first...


At 06:18 PM 12/11/00, you wrote:

>Hi All,
>         I'm having a problem with CyberCash.  I don't get a message in
>the Interchange error.log showing that CyberCash was found.  I
>have sucessfully tested CyberCash outside of Interchange.  Here is
>my setup: Redhat 7, Interchange 4.6.1, CyberCash 3.2.6 w/ the
>updates from homestead.com.  I have moved all the required
>CyberCash files to VendRoot (/usr/lib/interchange/lib)
>         If I start Interchange using Interchange Start from /etc/rc.d/initd
>I don't get a CyberCash message in the Interchange error.log.
>However if I manually start Interchange from /usr/lib/interchange/bin
>I do get the CyberCash found message.  Maybe a permission
>problem? Any help would be appreciated!
>Variable         CYBER_CONFIGFILE
>Variable         CYBER_VERSION       3.2
>Variable         CYBER_MODE          mauthonly
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