[ic] Layout Editor: Interchange 4.6 Design

Jerry Davis akopia@wireless-2000.com
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 16:33:04 -0800

Hello List
Would some one be so kind an take a look at the following url.
I am using ver 4.6.1 and am having a problem understanding how I can make
the 'Area"  List on the site be more uniform. (spacing is the problem in the
Left side of the page))
I have set up the following:
Area -- section:
left -- Electronic Toys   (contains: rfbug)
left -- Gift Certificate    (contains: gift_cert)
left -- Guard your Privacy (contains: PlusGuard)
left -- Ham Radio    (contains: Licensing Manuals) (3 in total under this
In 'Tables Products"
I have 3 books under the 'Category' Licensing Manuals

I have been using the Interchange GUI to edit the program.


Email and CC works great and looks like all areas of the program is 100%
I have not yet used any of the Data programs (MYQSL, etc)

Jerry Davis