[ic] OT, but relevant?

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
12 Dec 2000 11:27:05 -0500

"Michael H. Collins" <mhtexcollins@austin.rr.com> writes:

> Am I correct in assuming that to run a store like this one almost
> has to have their own box collocated somewhere.  All the isps I have
> talked to will not allow me to install everything exchange needs on
> their boxes.

I think there are two alternatives.  The first is as you mention.
Either lease a dedicated server or colocate your own server at some
ISP.  This gives you the most flexibility.  As is always the case,
flexibility comes at a price.  The dollar figure for dedicated servers
or colocation is fairly high.  In addition, you have the liability
factor.  If it's your box then you are responcible for everything on
it (security, upgrades, adding users, etc.).

The other alternative is to find an ISP that is already running
interchange.  I think the old minivend site still has a list of ISPs
that offer web hosting with interchange.  If this is your first
on-line catalog, this is the option I recommend.  There are enough
things to figure out without having to worry about your own box.
However, the more catalogs you get on-line the easier it is to cost
justify a dedicated server.

The third option is to go all the way.  Not only do you have your own
box, you also have your own T1 or something connecting you to the
net.  This gives you the ultimate level of control and flexibility.
Here in the states, the cost of doing this is about $1500/month
(approximately $800 for ISP charges and $800 for telco).  Plus, you
have to buy your own networking equipment, UPS, computers, etc.
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