[ic] OT, but relevant?

Dan db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 12:56:59 -0800

> For students starting out a SDSL line to your home with some
> static IPs costs between $100.00+ per month. It gives you all control,
> flexibility and scalability you need (bandwidth only as much as you
> really need at any point in time). It also means that you to take complete
> system administration responsabilities vis a vis your clients for all
> services you are offering. That might be a healthy way to scrutinize
> your own skills before you get serious.

Just remember to tell your clients that the phone company has no
responsibility to keep your connectivity on and could at any time mess up
your DSL and leave you with just 100kbps and not be legally required to do
anything about it.  Phone companies have no responsibility about the quality
of service they provide on DSL.  T1's on the other hand, have certain
service requirements just like a telephone line or fax line.  The phone
company has more responsibility to help you with your 56k mdoem than it does
with your DSL.

Hosting on DSL is fine when you are charging $10/mo and warning each
customer that their service levels are not gauranteed.

(This reminds me of the guy asking if viewing credit cards over e-mail was

Dan Browning - danb@cyclonecomputers.com