[ic] Interchange server only runs for a while, then dies

Jonathan Melhuish jonathanmelhuish@email.com
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:05:30 +0000

I'm impressed - you wouldn't find anybody from Microsoft posting in a user
group, even if you have paid a considerable sum of money for the software!  :-)

Your response makes it sound like I'm doing something really basic wrong - I
don't see why my machine should be all that different; I'm only running a
fairly bog-standard Mandrake 7.1/Cyrix 686 setup.

I promise to post my findings, even if they are embarrassingly simple :-)

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Mike Heins wrote:

> Quoting Jonathan Melhuish (jonathanmelhuish@email.com):
> > Pretty much every other thread is receiving a prompt and helpful reply - I
> > was just wondering why mine wasn't!
> >
> > Is it me?  Am I stupid?  Is it an obvious mistake?  Or is it really so
> > difficult that it is incurable?
> I think it is just that no one knows the answer. I don't. I have installed
> this stuff on hundreds or thousands of machines and never seen the problem
> without some process-watchdog or memory quota in place.
> You might try typeing "limit" at your shell and seeing what you get back.
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