[ic] How to automate creation of catalogs

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 19:44:06 -0500

Quoting Paul Cauberg (paul@quarp.com):
> Is there a way in wich I can create the automation of a catalog? If I set 
> all the variables
> in the environment and then start makecat it still asks me to confirm that 
> input, is there someway I can have it accept my environment settings 
> without asking me for the confirmation?

We just removed an example, makecat.redhat, which showed the call
to make a catalog on the commandline:

    bin/makecat -F \
		--cgibase=$CGIBASE \
		--basedir=$BASEDIR \
		--documentroot=$DOCROOT \
		--sharedir=$DOCROOT \
		--shareurl=/ \
		--interchangeuser=interch \
		--interchangegroup=interch \
		--serverconf=$SERVERCONF \
		--vendroot=$VENDROOT \
		--catroot=$BASEDIR/$i \
		--cgidir=$CGIDIR \
		--servername=$HOST \
		--cgiurl=$CGIBASE/$i \
		--demotype=$i \
		--mailorderto=interch@$HOST \
		--catuser=interch \
		--permtype=user \
		--samplehtml=$DOCROOT/$i \
		--imagedir=$DOCROOT/$i/images \
		--imageurl=/$i/images \
		--linkmode=UNIX \
		--sampleurl=http://$HOST/$i \
		--catalogname=$i \
		company="your company"

The -F parameter says "don't ask me whether it is correct, just
do it". You can also put in the substitutions for the __MVC_*__
templating stuff as I did above with "company".

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