Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 18:00:16 -0700

At 07:53 AM 12/12/00 , you wrote:
>Why is this happening?
>I have installed Interchange on Mac OS X (which is basically FreeBSD) and
>have actually had it up and running on many different occasions. Sometimes
>for only an hour or so, sometimes all day. It works fine until suddenly I
>get "Forbidden - You don't have permission to access
>/cgi-bin/construct/index.html on this server" when either the "admin" or the
>"customer" link, on the main store entrance page, is clicked for any store.

Okay, well that is definitely an Apache error message.  Start looking there 
-- access logs, error logs, etc.

>Interchange is running. Apache is running. All other cgi scripts work.
>I "bin/restart", I have rebooted the server and done a "bin/interchange" but
>nothing works.
>Is Interchange always so finicky?

No, it doesn't seem to be Interchange's fault to me.  At least, IC is not 
outputting that particular error message.

>Does anyone have any ideas?
>If I am not providing enough info, please tell me.

Look over your Apache logs.  Does this error occur only on the same 
links?  Does it always say 'cgi-bin/construct/index.html'?  This could 
quite possibly be an Apache configuration error, but as for a reason why it 
seems to be sporadic, I don't know.  Double check your permissions (since 
it is a permission error).  Who is the owner/group of the construct demo's 
index.html?  What is your umask -- is it possible that it breaks only when 
someone/something accesses that file?  Does just /cgi-bin/construct/ work 
(no index.html)?

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