[ic] mysql odbc access question - fixed

Eric Hull res059ss@gte.net
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 23:20:46 -0600

Thanks for all the input - it was right there - and in a few other places
too - 12 hrs of programming -and 3 different online manuals -  things get

Got it up and it works great - moke kudos for Mike and all the Akopia ppl.

for future reference - and id10t errors:

installed mysql and permissions - mysql docs are great, but sometimes bad
for examples - try searches for mysql tutorials
installed myodbc and dbi modules - get Bundle:Interchange from cpan - read
more docs
add NoImport to catalog.cfg and the tables you want to affect
be sure to add TIMESTAMP to tables you want to edit in Access (to fix Write

if you drop the database in mysql - to try to start over - you have to find
and remove the .sql files created in /products - couldn't get sql to
recreate the db on restart of IC - the .sql files tell IC they have been
created (what possesed me to delete the sql db and try to start over I will
never know - but I learned alot)

Eric Hull
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Sorry i was totally lying to you. From the mysql manual - section

With some programs you get an error like: Another user has
modified the record that you have modified. In most cases this
can be solved by doing one of the following things:

 o Add a primary key for the table if there isn't one already
 o Add a timestamp column if there isn't one already
 o Only use double float fields. Some programs may fail when they
compare single floats

If the above doesn't help, you should do a MyODBC trace file and
try to figure out why things go wrong