[ic] Interchange and PostgreSQL

Nick Rathke render@qwest.net
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 09:08:22 -0700

It should load all the tables when you run ./interchange -r . I think there
are about sixteen table that get loaded. It took me a few days of hacking
at it to get it to work. One thing that seemed to help,was to build
Postgresql , interchange and all the perl modules from source ( cpan "get"
not "install" . I know there should not be a difference but it seemed to
work better this way ). This said, I have this working only one computer,
but  on my server, running the same versions of all the code I can load 11
of the sixteen tables then get errors.


calvin wrote:

> Hi,
>      I am testing Interchange on a Linux box RedHat 7 and the database
> is PostgreSQL 7.
>      When I run makecat to configure the  catalog  it create the test
> database in Postgres but
>      no tables or any other objests are created . Could some tell me why
> ?
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