[ic] [ic]Shipping Methods

Mathew Jones matjones@booksellersolutions.com
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 08:37:11 -0800

I am experiencing problems with my shipping setup. What I am trying to
do is 
modify international  airmail  rates. The rate cannot be calculated
interchange and will be shipped by my client at cost.
I would like the shipping option to appear in the shipping drop down
menu, with
a shipping cost of zero and a message next to it saying 'at cost'. I
using the 'message' option but that only displays a message underneath
the drop
down. The only way I managed to get Int'l Air to appear in the drop down
is to
give it a value of $0.01 or higher. How am I supposed to know whether
customer wants Int'l air or Int'l surf???
Any help would be appreciated.