[ic] ZdNet Review Of Interchange...

David Adams david@akopia.com
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 16:59:20 -0500

Just to add to the discussion of Interchange in the news, I thought I'd
bring to your attention the fantastic review of interchange that Cnet did
and some interesting comments from an analyst in the New Technology Week
article about Akopia:


"Interchange offers the sort of extensive feature set usually associated
with costly commercial systems. It provides content, inventory, product, and
customer management. It is both scalable (in numbers of transactions and
independent catalogs running on a server) and customizable. Interchange is
undoubtedly the best open source option available, and it's not far behind
expensive enterprise systems costing $250,000 or more, such as those from
Intershop or BroadVision. "

New Technology Week:

"You need a large number of customers and third-party developers, initially
at least until you get rolling, until you're able to scale and compete with
the big guys," he said. "Akopia is working it's way up the food chain pretty
well because they are big enough now and their product is mature enough ...
that they can, functionality-wise, start competing with the proprietary
The open source aspect itself can provide a smaller company like Akopia with
an important competitive advantage over bigger potential rivals because its
offerings will be less expensive and it doesn't have to have a big
development staff, Claybrook said.
"I think it opens up a new way, a way for new companies to compete at some
level with existing proprietary powerhouses," he said. "Otherwise, they
wouldn't have a shot."

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