[ic] [item-subtotal] not computing

Ron Phipps takedown@cdsnet.net
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 22:40:23 -0800

The tag [item-subtotal] is not working (results in 0 always) for one of our
catalogs that we are moving from MV 4.04 (where it worked) to IC.  The demo
catalog we have installed calculate the subtotal correctly.  Taking the
basket.html from a demo and copying it to the offending catalog results in a
zero subtotal as well.

Yesterday the [item-price] tag was not working in checkout.html however when
I switched it to [item-field price] it worked.  Is there an alternate to the
[item-subtotal] tag as well?  Could it be that there is a missing field in
the products database that is causing the subtotal to always be 0?  I
followed the instructions posted by Mike to migrate a catalog from MV to IC
and it worked except for this problem.